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Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2

Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2Balanced tire for the most severe conditions.

New special winter tire Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2 combine excellent traction and exceptional durability. The technology, designed for heavy duty, behave safely and securely as on slippery icy road and in any part of the movement, covered with snow blade.

In addition to the excellent traction inherent tires Hakkapeliitta, enduring novelty differs from its predecessors strength, durability and unique stability. In emergency situations, it is impressive traction, power, accuracy and consistency control, and balance. Sensitive steering and the driver remain calm in the most difficult conditions.

Frame with double safety margin for professional use is optimized for use in cars, buses pickups, light trucks and vans, wheels and axles which are heavily loaded. A specially designed package reinforced in the shoulder areas. The package uses 60% more steel than a standard passenger car tires.

Key innovations.

Tech Air Claw. The combination of a steel spike and the air damper is called Air Claw Technology. It reduces road wear, improves sound comfort from the use of tires and extends the life of thorns. Innovation is similar to the shock absorption, which is used in high quality sport shoes in the heel area. Before a thorn in the tread checker are holes, they absorb sound from hitting spikes and vibration when you touch the spikes on the road. Also, pay attention to Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT.

Pathogens slats improve traction. Located at the edges of the pieces of the tread sipes enhance pathogens functionality slats on all slippery surfaces. Wider side slats to quickly open jobs sharp edge slats.

Sidewall protection. Prevents damage to the reinforced sidewalls of tires in a burn to the curb.

The site helps to keep up the pressure, on the site you can make notes on the recommended tire pressure, and indicate their location on the car.

Tread wear indicators (normal DSI and winter WSI) improve road safety in the winter. Located in the center of the tread remaining figures show the depth of the main grooves in percent. Digital identification erased in descending order as the tire tread wear. Snowflake symbol informs sufficient safety in winter. It persists as long as the tread grooves are at least 40 percent compared to the new tire. After erasing a snowflake symbol on the tires they are not considered safe for use in the winter, so it is recommended to buy new tires.


- enviable driving stability and sensitivity control;

- excellent traction and flotation in the harshest winter conditions;

- excellent mileage.