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Nokian Hakka Green

Nokian Hakka GreenNaturally safe.

Summer tire Nokian Hakka Green uniquely combines the driver wishes, traveling in latitudes with difficult climatic conditions. Eco-friendly, tenacious, obedient to manage new secure when meeting with any peculiarities of the season: the hot scorching sun rough asphalt, wet roads and rain frostbitten tracks late fall. Extremely low rolling resistance means that the Hakka Green effectively turns, saving fuel and caring for the environment.

Pine oil improves the ease of movement.

Designed for changeable weather rubber compound tread Nokian Green Silica - optimal combination that helps take care of the safety and environmental performance. In the rubber composition called "complete", which has an excellent grip in the wet at all temperatures, added oil Scandinavian pine. "Green" nature of tires Nokian Hakka Green complements its exemplary durability.

Even used to the heavy loads the driver can be sure that this Scandinavian prima serve long, will not bring in aging and wear. Robust and powerful design will remain unchanged under the influence of mechanical stress caused by poor roads.

Kilometers more, and less noise. Also, pay attention to Nokian Hakka H.

Located in the side of the longitudinal grooves semicircular grooves, reminiscent of a profile of a golf ball, cool the tire. This technology is called Silent Groove Design, it reduces air resistance, thus saving fuel and allows to pass additional miles without refueling.

The design of the side portions of the longitudinal ribs works to control noise inside the vehicle and the ambient noise of the car, resulting in motion. Solid tire carcass and the careful selection of materials to absorb shock and vibration, which allows the tire Nokian Hakka Green remain acoustically comfortable.

Venturnye grooves prevent aquaplaning.

Stable Nokian Hakka Green is not afraid of sudden rain and thunderstorms inherent changeable summer, and always dangerous aquaplaning. Polished main grooves accelerate drainage of them. Optimized design of the main grooves, its open design increases the effective drainage and prevents hydroplaning. In addition, help prevent hydroplaning and special grooves in the inner and outer shoulder areas, the so-called venturnye groove.

In addition to the patented Nokian Tyres tread wear indicator (DSI - Driving Safety Indicator) in the new tire is also an indicator of risk of aquaplaning. Its symbol - a drop of water disappears after the height of the tread reaches four millimeters, indicating an increased risk of aquaplaning.

For a small family car and the middle class.

Nokian Hakka Green is designed for a small family car and the middle class. Initially, the production range has 24 different products with speed ratings T, H and V. Nokian Hakka summer tires are made in factories in Finland and Russia.


- environmental commendable;

- excellent safety on wet roads;

- excellent wear resistance.

*Rolling resistance Nokian Hakka Green is reduced by 15% compared to its predecessor and the winner tests Nokian Hakka H, ​​which means that the new product has a fuel consumption by almost 3% lower. When comparing the Nokian Hakka Green summer tire with the usual user can save about 5-8% of the fuel and reduce vehicle exhaust emissions. The driver, moving easily on rotating tires Hakka Green saves a tank of fuel per year (41 liter), including the cost of the average driver. Carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by approximately the amount equal to the weight of dense driver (106 kg). If all drivers in Finland, used tires Nokian Hakka Green, a year would save over 114 million liters of fuel. Savings amounted to 2,077 fully loaded trucks. A carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by about 296 thousand tons.